Monday, May 21, 2007

Things I Don't Understand (part 1)

How is it that women, nay businesswomen, leave office bathrooms in complete disarray? The bathroom on the floor of my office features unflushed toilets, urine splattered seats, and overflowing trash cans. Why? Who does this?

Not only are we on the sixth floor, but bathroom is locked--no one is wandering off the street to foul up the bathroom. Last week, someone posted a sign saying "Safety is important. Please be sure to shut the door behind you." Here is the sign I posted in response.


Let’s forget about safety and focus on sanitation. This is not a bar; there is no need to hover over the toilet seat for fear of a drunken, darkened plummet into territories unknown.

Stop peeing on the seats!!!

Thank you.

I AM a cranky old lady. And I'm still 2 days away from turning old.


Blogger kbonline said...

My friend and I call these offenders "tinkle sprinklers" and even started a campaign against them by posting signs on stall doors "Don't be a tinkle sprinkler!" Our random investigation led us to the belief that the most likely offenders were those women who looked the least likely to offend - perfect make-up, "done" hair, great clothes.... Drove me crazy.

8:22 PM, June 11, 2007


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