Thursday, May 10, 2007

Did I just get hit on?

I think one of my clients hit on me today at a Very Important Luncheon, but I'm not really sure. I still can't really tell when an adult is flirting with me. An adult? What's wrong with me? I'm nearly 30 (horror of horrors--less than 2 wks!) and I still don't consider myself or my contemporaries adults. Since this line of thinking could very well lead to its own post (or book), I'll return to the matter at hand.

Here's the background info you'll need to know:
1) About a month ago, I inherited a new organization as my client. I report to about 5 or 6 people at the organization--"M" is low on the totem pole, but still someone I need to impress.
2) M is attractive, in his middle-to-late 40s, and married.
3) I have met M twice before at meetings -- each time I was wearing something office-appropriate and nice.
4) At the luncheon I wore a dress with a cut conservative enough for the office or meetings, but figure-flattering enough--a lovely combination.

Back to the luncheon.
As I was walking past him, M called out my name, and I spun around to greet him.

"Hi, Jen," he said, all smiles, "it's so good to see you here."
"You too," I agreed.
"And you look so pretty!"
"Thanks," I said smiling, but feeling a little odd. I look so pretty? As he gazed down at me, I felt like I was 12 again, at my Bat Mitzvah (where I certainly did not look pretty).
"Wow, you've got a great smile!" He exclaimed.
"Thanks," I said, the smiling now contagious.
"I mean, really, your smile just lights up your whole face. You're just glowing and lovely."
"Um, thanks." I really had nothing to say at this point. And I felt like my smile was lying--I didn't feel glowing.
"I guess you get told that a lot, huh, that you've got a great smile?"
"Actually, yeah, I do." Was that bitchy of me to say? The thing is, when I get compliments, It's usually about my smile, my eyes, or my breasts. Thank God he didn't veer into really inappropriate territory, but yeah, I have heard it a lot. Plus I wanted him to stop.
"Well, you just look really great. So good to see you."
"Thanks -- great to see you too!" I said, still smiling, as I moved on to chat with someone else.

So was he flirting? Or just overwhelmed by my beauty? *sigh* Being this desirable is oh so taxing.


Blogger Brewsta said...

Flirting his ass off.

8:33 AM, May 22, 2007


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