Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My Parents are accused of being 'The Rude'

Every time my parents visit me, I find myself doing things a true New Yorker doesn't do: walking 4 across on the sidewalk, talking loudly, slowly shuffling down the street or through stores, and using the crosswalk. A few weeks ago when they were here, we went to the local fruit vendor to but some snacks and fruit to have around. My sister and I lounged by the register while my parents counted cash and coins, handed them over, then decided they had forgotten something and restarted the process. The woman behind us began muttering under her breath, shifting her weight in the "I'm so annoyed I can't believe I'm behind these people" dance.

After my parents were finally done with their transaction, we gathered the bags and ambled through the door. The woman pushed around us, muttering about the perils of under-staffing. My dad thought she was talking to him, so he pleasantly tried to banter with her about the weather. She wasn't interested. She burst ahead of us, yelling, "go back to where you came from!"

Now, I'm no fan of tourists or tourist behavior, but really, I don't thing my parents were The Rude in this instance.


Blogger Matt said...

I'd like to add that I anticipated this problem the whole time. And while the kansans antagonized the natives by lingering at the checkout, I got out of the way and waited off to the side.

4:06 PM, January 23, 2007


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