Monday, December 18, 2006

Yellow Eggs

Sunday, December 3rd, Matt and I were at LaGuardia by 6:30am to make our flight to Belize. Since booking the trip the week before, we'd been trying to refrain from making corny jokes like "we're taking a vacation together--can you Belize it?" Ha ha!
Ahem. Anyway, I had packed nuts, granola bars, and dried fruit for our trip (since, like my mother, I can't leave the house for more than an hour without a reserve supply of food), but we decided to get some yogurt at the Au Bon Pain kiosk by the gate. Matt sat with our bags while I waited in line, 2 girls loudly pondering their options behind me. Passing over cinnamon rolls, bagels, and doughnuts, they moved on to the breakfast sandwiches being kept warm in the glass mini-oven.

“What kind of eggs you think this is?” the first girl asked her companion, eliciting a shrug.
“You think this is scrambled eggs?” she asked me, pointing to a bagel with a fake-cheese drizzled piece of ham and square patty of egg-like substance jutting out.
“It doesn’t look scrambled,” I said, not bothering to compare it to the plastic food I thought it did look like.

“Hey,” she yelled to the guy behind the cash register, “what kind of eggs is this?”
“Frozen. Frozen egg.”
“Frozen? Whadya mean frozen? Dontcha have any real eggs, you know?” She mimed cracking an egg as if the man might suddenly realized the food to which she was referring.

“Yellow. They yellow eggs,” was his second try.
“Oh,” she said, as if that suddenly cleared everything up. And, satisfied, she pulled the bagel with the yellow eggs out of the oven.


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