Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Back from Hibernation

My self-imposed hiatus is over. I'm sorry I've been absent. I really have no excuse other than suckitude. So, what's happened recently?

My sister had her baby in mid-March and I'm totally in love. He's soooooo cute and sweet and loveable. He was a little small (4 lbs 6 oz) but is growing and gaining weight like a champ. I went to KC to see him for his bris and now that he's close to 7 lbs he totally looks like a different baby. I miss him!

The art thing is going ok but I'm not being as pro-active as I should, so I started applying for PR jobs. I've been interiewing to be the Director of Communications at a really great non-profit, but so far the process has taken 6 weeks and I'm not holding my breath.

I know this post isn't very exciting, but I just wanted to write something to get myself doing this again. I'll have another post up soon. Soon soon, not like in a few weeks soon.


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