Sunday, November 09, 2008

My Night of Fandom

I've never been a 'team' person. What I mean is, I've never really rooted for anything or anyone. When I was in high school, I usually snuck a notebook into assemblies and cultivated active disdain for sports players and cheerleaders. I'm not a fan of any sports team and don't understand why others are. But for one night, on Tuesday, November 4th, I finally felt swept up, rooting for someone, something bigger than me.

Beginning at 6 pm, I spent the evening on the verge of tears. Matt thought I was being silly since he had been absolutely convinced for three weeks that Obama was going to win, but I don't trust people, especially Americans en masse. So, all night long I almost cried when I thought McCain could win, and when it became obvious that it was Obama's victory, I got teary thinking how proud I was of my country, how happy I was that my president was smarter than me, and how lucky I was to be an American. I felt patriotic! For the first time ever! I wanted to hug strangers but since I was at home I just manically updated my Facebook status.

The next day, it was my mom who actually made me cry. We were talking about how she as a life-long hard-core Democrat usually voted against her economic interests, and how my dad's staff as conservative Republicans usually voted again their economic interests. "Well, I don't just vote for me," she told me, "I vote for you and your sister and your kids." I got choked up thinking how great out country would be if everyone voted with their kids and grandkids in mind.

And now, nearly a week later, my fandom has wained a little, but I'm still excited that I got to participate in making history. That my sister's baby will be born in the same year that Obama takes office. And that just maybe I can actually believe in someone.


Blogger Matt said...

I got a little emotional at the end, when he gave his speech. And I definitely appreciated the magnitude of the moment and am cautiously optimistic about the future.

Oh, and I do not concede that voting Democratic is against the economic interest of the wealthy. Marginally lower taxes is only one factor in calculating economic interest. I think that a competent government, progressive foreign and trade policy, more vibrant economy, decreased dependence on fossil fuels, etc etc, being likely consequences of electing the Democrat over the Republican, and these factors all having economic impacts, voting Democratic is in the economic interest of all Americans rich, poor, or middle class.

Oh, and are you saying that you do not root for Joanie Loves Bocce? If so, you are in big trouble, lady.

5:57 PM, November 10, 2008

Blogger Jen said...

I don't know that my parents are "wealthy," but I certainly get your point that voting Democratic isn't necessarily against their economic interests. And of course I'm a fan of Joanie Loves Bocce, the best bocce team EVER--I'm just a quiet fan.

6:01 PM, November 10, 2008


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