Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Facebook Friends

So many people have written about what Facebook, Myspace, and their ilk mean to society that I won't go down that road, but I will say I think it's so strange that I'm getting friend requests from people I haven't talked to or seen in more than a decade. Recently, my 3rd grade boyfriend, 3 friends from 6th grade, and 2 of my sister's high school friends friended me on Facebook. Why? Just because we used to know each other? It's not that I dislike these people, it's that I don't know them anymore. I like seeing the updates and pictures that my friends around the country post, but I don't care about what's happening in the lives of people I wouldn't know if I saw them on the street.

You know what this means? Wedding-happy Jen is over--welcome back to cranky, grumpy Jen.


Anonymous Jen C said...

Add to this people you know but don't want knowing your Facebook stuff. For example, your boyfriend's sister who you don't like or respect. Can't not friend her - as much as one may want to. Ugh.

10:24 AM, November 11, 2008


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