Monday, October 06, 2008

The Best Dress EVER

Of my mom's 17 friends who came to my wedding, three of them wore the same dress. The exact same, deep v-neck, empire-waisted, skirt of many-tiers, shimmery dress. Sure, two wore it in black and one in red, but it was such a distinctive silhouette that there was no escaping the fact that they looked like a group of backup singers on break.

Skip to this weekend. Matt's firm held a retreat in Baltimore so the lawyers in the three offices (New York, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles) could mingle, and being the good new wife that I am, I went. Since the Saturday night cocktail party was black-tie optional, the men were in tuxedos and suits and the women broke out their jewels and fancy dresses. And making an appearance? The Dress. Only two women wore it this time, but clearly, its power wasn't relegated to the Midwest--it had infiltrated the coasts as well.

Ladies, I hope you enjoy The Best Dress Ever. I just hope you're prepared to not be the only one in the room wearing it.


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