Friday, September 12, 2008

Weddings Make People Crazy

Weddings make people crazy. I posted several times about the craziness surrounding my sister's wedding last year, and even though I haven't been posting as much about the crazy for my wedding, rest assured, it's been there. There has been lots of crazy. A hurricane of crazy, in fact. And poor Matt has born much of the brunt of the crazy, causing him to cry at work on more than one occasion.

I do a lot of self-censoring on this blog. My friends and family read it. Matt's friends and family have access to it. And it's not something I've hidden from employers and past clients. So I'm not going to get into the majority of the craziness. I'll just tell one story to illustrate the kinds of odd things people have asked of me.

A couple years ago, someone I'll call Jon friended me on Myspace. Although I had never met him, Jon knew a couple of my friends from college, so I agreed to his friend request. He emailed me a few times, asking about some mutual friends or to let me know when he was in NY, but that was it.

About a year ago, Jon emailed me again about my friend Lisa. Lisa is pretty, fun and Jewish (like Jon), but lives an off-the-grid kind of nomadic life. Because I've known her since I was born, she's more like a cousin than a friend, and even though we're very different, we'll always be important to each other. Jon knew Lisa's aunt wanted me to "put in a good word for him" so Lisa would want to meet him the next time she was visiting in Kansas. I replied that Lisa had a boyfriend but I would certainly let him know when/if they broke up. End of story.

Until a few weeks ago. I logged into Myspace for the first time in a long time and saw that I had a message from Jon. He wrote to say that he had heard through Lisa's aunt that she was single and would be in Kansas City for my wedding and would I mind if he crashed my wedding to hang out with her?

Wait, what? This person I've never met wants to come to my sit-down dinner wedding to chat up my oldest friend? Because I want to entertain someone I've never met? And because she wants to spend my wedding on a first date?

And while I thought this request was so strange, trust me when I say that on the crazy spectrum, this doesn't even register with the other shit I had to deal with.


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