Thursday, July 24, 2008

Professional Thank You Note Writing

My mom called me today to tell me this and I thought it was funny enough to post.

We had a bridal shower in KC on Sunday for my relatives and my mom's lady friends. I knocked out my thank-you notes that night and sent them out. Well, apparently they were AMAZING because my mom's friend Mary called her today to say that my thank you note was so wonderful, so well-written, so lovely, that she was saving it to show her future daughter-in-law as an example of how to write a thank you note! Mind you, her future d-i-l is a Tulane educated lawyer, so I'm sure she'll really appreciate getting a 'sample' on what she should do.

I knew my English degree would pay off! I'm going to go into professional thank you note writing!


Blogger Matt said...

All too often I start a thank you note with the words "Let me tell you what you can do with your stinkin' gift." No longer. Now I turn to thank you note professionals for all of my thank you note needs.

2:13 PM, July 25, 2008


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