Wednesday, June 04, 2008

SATC is for Everyone!

I know I need to write about the Bat Mitzvah party, but I had to write this post.

When people read my post about why I hate Carrie Bradshaw, they often think that also means I hate Sex and the City. I don't. While I think the Carrie is (among other things) immature and selfish, there are many aspects of the show I like. I can relate to the friendships, the dating and the love of New York City. And it's fun to watch. In fact, like many women, I've watched all the episodes.

I was surprised to learn that someone close to me has also watched all the episodes.

On Monday, I was talking to Matt's mom about wedding shower invitations when she mentioned that she had gone to see the Sex and the City movie the day before.

"Oh, are you a fan?" I asked, not really expecting an enthusiastic answer. After all, my mom had gone to see the movie after only seeing 2 episodes.

"Yes!" she cried, "I love that show. I've seen every episode. I watch them over and over--I love it!"

Um. She's watched every episode? That means she's seen the one where Charlotte gets addicted to her rabbit; where Carrie smokes pot in a bar; where Carrie smokes pot at the comic book guy's mom's house; where Miranda had a guy lick her butt; where Samantha, well, did everything Samantha did. How is it possible that Matt's conservative 67 year-old Long Island Jewish mom is an avid SATC fan?

And why does it make me so uncomfortable to know that these are things she enjoys watching?


Blogger nejyerf said...

i guess the question is....did she watch the sanitized edited for TV versions or the HBO versions?

because if it is the first then you are safe!

also, all this talk about your hair has prompted me to ask for visual proof of the redness of said hair!!

7:34 PM, June 04, 2008


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