Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Update: It's Broken

This weekend Matt and I went to St. Louis for my friend Paige's wedding. It was great to see her and our other friends, but the real excitement happened before the wedding, at lunch.

My sister Stacey lives in St. Louis with her husband. I haven't been to visit her since she moved there, so I thought the trip would be a good opportunity to see her apartment and the city. Matt and I arrived around 11am on Friday (the wedding was that night) and after checking into the hotel, we met up with Stacey and walked to a local crepe restaurant for lunch.

After ordering at the counter, Matt and I sat down at an outdoor table and Stacey headed to the bathroom. Just about the time I was wondering why she was taking so long, a woman ran out of the building, and said, "your friend just walked into a wall and she's bleeding!"

I grabbed my purse and raced inside.

Stacey was bent over, crying. Blood covered her skirt, shirt and arm. I was scared, but fortunately I tend to get really calm and focused during emergencies (which is why I was so good at working on live tv).

"Ok," I said, stroking her hair. "Ok, what happed?"

A few of the restaurant employees gathered around us as the woman explained, "she walked right into the glass wall! I didn't see it but I heard her."

I tilted Stacey's head up to see her nose--it was purple, swelling and bleeding. Oh God--how did she walk into a glass wall? And with enough force to do this to her nose?

The employees took us to a back room where we kept ice on her nose while trying to stop the bleeding. After Stacey stopped crying, she was able to laugh at the situation, but only at her stupidity--not at her rapidly swelling nose.

We stopped the bleeding, ate our lunch, then headed back to Stacey's apartment so she could clean herself up and change out of her bloody clothes. The big question was whether her nose was actually broken or just bruised. We didn't know if she should go to the emergency room, go to a doctor or wait and see what happened.

The next day, Matt and I joined Stacey and her husband to run around the city. Her nose was big and the bags under her eyes were dark purple--basically, she looked like she got punched in the face.

We joked about her husband 'teaching her a lesson,' but she felt self-conscious as we explored the Botanical gardens, ate lunch, and walked around. Because it was Saturday, she decided to wait until Monday to see her doctor instead of going to the emergency room.

So, yesterday she got x-rays and sure enough, it's broken. She broke her nose! She walked into a glass wall so hard that she Broke. Her. Nose!


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