Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm Marrying a Mouse

When it comes to Valentine's Day, I'm nothing if not practical. I think it's ridiculous that flowers and dinners cost three times as much on February 14th than on any other day and I don't care about celebrating the Hallmark holiday in any sort of fashion. That said, of course it's nice to have some sort of acknowledgment. A flower. A dessert. A card. Something.

We had plans to go to dinner on that Thursday, but canceled them because Matt had to work a little later than expected. So, I made something quick and we stayed in, watching some tv.

After dinner, Matt went to his bag and returned with a smile. He handed me a small plastic bag containing a what looked like an eighth of a chocolate chip cookie and two bite-sized 3 muskateers bars.

"Here, Sweetie, do you want part of a cookie I didn't eat today?" He asked, offering me the bag.

"Uh, thanks? Is this for us to share or for me to have? Cause I'd hate to eat all of this by myself if you want it."

"No, no, you have the cookie--I'd take the 3 muskateers."

I laughed at his gift but thanked him and went into the kitchen for some water.

When I returned, Matt was on the couch, giggling. "I feel like a mouse," he said.

"What? Why are you a mouse?"

"I'm a cartoon mouse! If I was in a cartoon, I would totally go forage for treats and bring them home to you. Here, Sweetie, have a piece of cookie! Have a tiny candy bar!"

He's totally right. He is a cartoon mouse. I'm marrying a mouse.


Blogger Matt said...

That is exactly how it happened. I'm giggling all over again. I felt so silly coming in with this half eaten cookie and two bite-sized candies. I feel even sillier reading about it.

2:33 PM, February 29, 2008

Blogger Matt said...

Hard to believe, but this is my favorite post on Jen's blog. Every time I read it, I picture Jen and myself as cartoon mice, complete with a little oval shaped cartoon door to our little cartoon mousehole. I come home from work (picture a mouse wearing a suit) with a tiny bag filled with crumbs and little chunks of cheese that I found in the park, proud of myself for having evaded the cartoon cat that torments our little cartoon mouse family.

3:32 PM, March 26, 2008


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