Saturday, April 12, 2008

Update: We're Rewarded for Matt's Crankiness

So, I should tell you what happened after Matt emailed the French Culinary Institute. (See two posts down for a refresher).

The day after Matt fired off his uber-cranky email, he got a response. Not an automated response. Not some intern writing to placate him. No, no. None other than the owner and founder of the French Culinary Institute wrote him back. She apologized that we were offended and said that most of the employees of the institute worked behind desks and never thought twice about the commercial. And, to remove 'the bad taste,' the commercial left us with, she offered us a free meal!

On Thursday, we took her up on her offer. We had a delicious, delicious dinner and when we got our bill, it simply said 'thank you.' Matt's obscenely large tip negated the free aspect, but it was a fantastic meal and we would definitely go back.

My only concern is now that Matt's crankiness has been rewarded in such a tasty manner, he'll be more inclined to write (and send) grumpy emails. People we don't like, beware!


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