Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Rehearsal Dinner Poem

My cousin Lynn and her husband Sam have a habit of writing fun poems for people. Below is the poem they read at my rehearsal dinner. Of note: my sister's rehearsal dinner was a year earlier at the same restaurant.

I came here tonight
Along with the rest of you
It's eerily similar
I'm feeling Deja vu

Lynn, Stacey and now Jen
Chose August to marry their spouse
Their unfortunate outcome
Their fathers end up in the poor house

The blood tests were taken
Everyone was on needles and pins
And it can be officially announced tonight
Matt and Jen are not twins

This family boasts so many lawyers now
And they all need someone to sue
So, please, watch what you're doing
Because it might just be you

Jen had trouble with a roommate
Who owed her some dough
If she knew Matt back then
She wouldn't have starred on the Judge Judy show

Matt play bocce ball
Being the captain is quite a feat
But as Jennifer says
His true sport is to eat

Jennifer designs and makes jewelry
And it sparkles as it's hung
But we knew she was a wild child
When the jewelry pierced her tongue

Well who knows what the future
Holds in store for you two
Lynn and I wish you nothing but the best
With all the things that you do


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