Monday, December 01, 2008

Matchmaking in NYC

I have officially turned into an old Jewish lady.

Here's the story: Matt and I are sitting at a small restaurant for lunch on the day after Thanksgiving. Since we're in NY, the space is so small that we're nearly at the the same table as the three guys next to us. And since I'm a busybody, I can't help but listen in on their conversation. It is seriously the strangest conversation I have ever heard a group of guys have with each other. Instead of talking about bars and chicks and sports, they're talking about marriage and babies. One guy starts by saying even though he and his girlfriend aren't engaged yet, they've already started planning parts of the wedding and are looking forward to having kids. The second guy chimes in by saying he definitely wants two kids, maybe three. Was I hearing correctly? Are these men actually talking like women? Yes, they seem about my age, but since when do guys have biological clocks?

After the marriage and baby talk from the first two guys, the third guy begins lamenting about how tough it is for him to find a girlfriend. "I'm really thinking about moving back to New York. I mean, the city has the highest concentration for Liberal, Democratic, Jewish girls--I have to be able to meet someone, right?"

I raise my eyebrows at Matt and he slightly shakes his head. He knows I want to barge into their conversation, but is quietly trying to discourage it. So I keep quiet while bachelor #3 goes on and on about how he wants to get married and start a family.

After we're finished eating, Matt goes to the bathroom and I jump at my opportunity. "Excuse me," I start, by leaning into their table, "Did you say that you were looking for a Liberal, Democratic, Jewish lady?"

"Yes!" he answers, enthusiastically.

"That's great, because I can help you find one," I tell him. Seriously, I know so many great, single women, but very few great, single men. By the time Matt returns to our table, all the guys have introduced themselves and my new friend and I have swapped contact information.

I'm excited to embark on my new career as Yenta Jen.


Blogger Matt said...

And Matt has not gone to the bathroom since. Suffice it to say, he is quite uncomfortable.

4:04 PM, December 19, 2008


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