Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Stacey's Wedding Speech

The speech my sister gave at my wedding was very sweet, but she kind of ad-libbed it so I wasn't able to post until now. We just got the video from the videographer and Matt transcribed it. Of note: Stacey's husband is also named Matt. Also of note: Matt's mom made several references to us staying in Brooklyn in her speech the night before.

For those of you that don't know me, I'm Stacey. I used to be Jen's little sister, but now that she weighs 105 pounds, I think I can call her my little sister. I always looked up to Jennifer as a child even though she was the kind of big sister who, when we went to Baskins and Robbins, she'd do things like this: she would say, I know Stacey, let's have an ice cream eating contest -- we'll see who can eat up all their ice cream the fastest -- and then I'd gobble up all of my ice cream and she would laugh with delight and say ha ha, I still have ice cream left and you have nothing.

Fortunately, despite being that kind of sister, she was also the kind of sister who would do anything for me at all at the drop of a hat -- from rewriting and re re rewriting my essays through college, to being a safe refuge for me when I lived with a crazy house of 8 people in New York City when I would come and escape to her -- she's been a fabulous older sister and continues to be.

Things in our household always had to be fair -- we always switch off who would sit in the front and back seat, we always had to have equal portions--when we had a piece of Bubbie's blueberry pie we looked to make sure the other person didn't have a millimeter more of pie --
and now I'm happy to say we each have our very own wonderful Matts. Now it'll be perfectly fair when they come back and move to Kansas City!

And I'm happy to say that our family really does absolutely adore Matt. Matt, you're sweet, kind funny, and the least weird person my sister has ever dated. I'm thrilled to have you marry such a wonderful man who will love and cherish you forever. You're a wonderful big sister to me and I'm so happy you're going to be a wonderful wife and mother. And Matt, I promise to never wake you up again.

So here's to a happy life for Jen and Matt living together long and healthy in Kansas.


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