Saturday, October 13, 2007

Soup Samples on the Boardwalk

2 posts about Craziness At Work coming soon, but I just wanted to write a little post while I'm in California. I'm in California! One of Matt's childhood friends is getting married in Monterey tonight, so we flew out early to make a little vacation out of it.

I know every state, hell, every city has its own special food identity, but Monterey's is a little odd. We walked down the wharf on Thursday evening, watching the waves crash in and the sea lions bark at tourists. In front of each seafood restaurant, high-school kids cried out to entice passers-by to try samples of clam chowder. Since we were by the sea, we partook, but I felt there was something very wrong about strolling past shops sipping cup after cup of thick cream, butter and clams.


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