Thursday, October 04, 2007

Aunt Jen

My boyfriend Matt's family has been nothing but warm and welcoming to me. His parents, aunts and uncles, 2 brothers and their wives, cousins and their husbands and all the kids have treated me like family since the first time I met them. They greet me with hugs and kisses and go out of their way to make be feel inlcuded.

So much so, that when Matt got a cold last weekend and told his brother we weren't going to be able to attend his son's birthday party (he's 3!) in New Jersey, both Matt's brother and Matt's mom wanted me to know that I was still invited.

And Matt's 4 year-old niece? She didn't care that Uncle Matt wasn't around but missed 'Aunt Jen' and wanted to know why she wasn't at the party. Super cuteness!


Blogger Sarah said...

So, when are you getting married???

Ha! Just kidding. Oh how tired I got of hearing that while dating my boyfriend (now husband - we finally caved, lol).

Love your blog. Found it via Jezebel a while back and recently re-discovered it and caught up.

Loved the wedding craziness posts. We just got hitched in June and it really is absolutely stunning how people go nuts when a wedding is involved. They take offense at the weirdest things. But like your sister's wedding, mine turned out beautifully and was so, so, so fun.

Keep up the great work. You have a new regular reader. :)

2:40 PM, October 07, 2007

Blogger Jen said...

Yay, new regular reader! Thanks so much for coming back to check out my blog. Yours is fun--I love the cat pics! I'm totally addicted to

Congrats about your wedding! Yes, weddings do seem to bring out the crazies--I'm sure I'll have a million posts about soon. I almost made Matt's mom cry already my hinting I wouldn't want her grandkids at the ceremony. And we're not even engaged!

8:46 PM, October 07, 2007

Blogger Matt said...

Little does Jen know that my Mom is secretly building a trojan horse, um, rather a trojan dessert buffet table to sneak her grandkids into the reception and ambush an unsuspecting bride. That'll teach you to mess with my Mom's grandkids.

5:18 PM, October 08, 2007


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