Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Wedding Craziness Update

Thanks so much to everyone who commented on my last post! You'll be unsurprised, I'm sure, to learn that there are already updates to the wedding craziness. Once again, we'll work up to the craziest story.

Update about Aunt Mary, the aunt who told my sister she would throw her a pool party, then asked Stacey to only invite her "closest" friends, creating an A-list and B-list of friends and out-of-town guests:
Monday, 6 days before the planned party, Aunt Mary's husband Allan, my dad's brother, called my parents to say that Mary was worried about being too sick to host the party. Mary suffers from chronic pain. There are days she doesn't leave her house or even her bed. This begs the question--
a) why did she offer to have to party in the first place?
b) couldn't Allan host the party?
After all, it's not like my sister and her friends need supervision. You buy some soda, beer, chips, and deli meat, set everything by the pool, and you're done. Is Allan incapable of going to the store? Apparently yes, because when my parents offered to buy the groceries, Allan and Mary suddenly had a change of heart. Well, if my parents could buy all the food, that would take a lot of pressure off of Mary. Uh huh. And some pressure off his wallet...

New story about Aunt Susie, my dad's sister:
Aunt Susie is married to Uncle Charlie. Charlie has had some medical problems recently--his heart isn't doing so great and he is supposed to be on oxygen (which he has refused). Apparently he went to see his doctor a few days ago. His doctor recommended he check into the hospital for tests because he might need surgery--OPEN-HEART SURGERY. Now, I'm no doctor, but that sounds kind of serious to me.
Charlie told his doctor that he couldn't check into the hospital because (get this) he had a wedding to attend. In 9 days. Now, maybe if it's your wedding you try and reschedule surgery. MAYBE if it's your kid's wedding you see how urgent the need for surgery is. But a niece? No. No! What is wrong with these people?


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