Monday, August 06, 2007

Things Your Mom Shouldn't Say

Swearing was never a grand taboo when I was growing up. Sure, my parents didn't want me peppering my language with 'bad' words, and my dad said cursing was "unladylike," but my parents never punished me for swearing. How could they when they, my relatives, and even my Bubbie punctuated their conversations with curse words?

So, even though I've heard my mom swear, there are still certain things I never want to hear her say.

We were on the phone yesterday while she was scrolling through her email.

"Why do I have so many emails?" she asked, "I shouldn't have this many."

"Maybe they're spam," I suggested.

"Oh, look at this one--Do you want Fuck Buddy? O-kay."


"Do I want to enlarge my cock?"


Hearing her say 'fuck' is bad enough, but I don't need to hear my mom say 'cock' for any reason.


Blogger Matt said...

Spam is like sex. You know they must have had sex at some point, but you don't want to hear about it. You also know they get the same dirty filthy spam that you do, but you sure don't want to hear them talk about it.

5:38 PM, August 10, 2007

Blogger Princess Pointful said...

This makes me glad that my mom still doesn't know how to turn on a computer, and refers to emailing as "internetting your friends".

1:10 PM, August 29, 2007


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