Friday, September 08, 2006

Chapter Titles

You’re Not in Kansas Anymore:
How Drinking, Dancing and Debauchery Turned Me into a New Yorker

Prologue) There’s No Place Like New York
1) You’re Not in Kansas Anymore
2) Fishnets and New Friends and Forgetting Keys, Oh My!
3) Thinking Thin
4) There’s a Reason it’s Called Ecstasy
5) Death on the F Train
6) My Roundabout Success in the World of Online Dating
7) My First Day as a New Yorker
8) Soul Sucking Work
9) My First New York Halloween
10) The Gift that Keeps on Giving
11) I’m Dreaming of a White Trash Christmas
12) Reality TV Victory is Mine
13) If You Look Like a Leader, They Will Follow
14) Another Year Older, Another Year Drunker
15) Floating
16) Disgusting!
17) Walk Like a New Yorker
18) You Can Take the Girl Out of Kansas….
19) I’ll Get You, You Dog, and the Other Ex-Boyfriend, Too
20) It’s a Small Gossipy World After All
21) In My Day, They Called it Swinging
22) Let’s Talk about Sex, Baby
23) The First Day of the Rest of My Life
24) I am the Reason Punk Rock and Whisky were Invented
25) I Just Blew a Random in Peter Gabriel’s Apt
26) Am I Turning into a Girl? Or an Adult?
27) There’s No Place Like Home


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